Real Man Tested

We gentlemen at Real Man Travels have launched a new section dedicated to product reviews. We will review products of interest to men in hopes of informing our readers to make educated purchasing decisions.

When we review a product, we promise to always be 100% honest (even if it means a negative review). Our intention is not to shamelessly throw a company under the bus, but rather offer constructive criticism when there are flaws.

We will always be open and honest about what products were supplied to us and which ones we have purchased ourselves.

We promise to diligently use, experiment with, and test each product in multiple, real life scenarios over and through a dedicated time frame before a review hits the blog.

Our review structure will always follow these guidelines and steps:

1. What You Get
This section will cover what is included and not included with the product.

2. Look and Feel
This section will cover first impressions of the product including, but not limited to, the overall design, feel and aesthetics.

3. Ease of Use
This section will cover how easy the product is to get up and running and will vary depending on what is being reviewed.

4. Actual vs. Advertised
This section will compare how the product works in real life scenarios compared to advertising claims.

5. Value
This section will cover how we perceive the value of the product for its intended purpose.

6. Practicality
This section will cover how practical the product is in any given real life scenario.

7. Overall Impressions and Final Scoring
This section will give a final summary and conclusion on the product reviewed.

We hope that our readers will find our reviews beneficial to their purchasing decisions and always welcome feedback on our reviews. You can reach us either in the comment section of any review, on Facebook, Twitter or by email.


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