Man of the Year 2014

Sam screaming to the gods in glory after winning Man of the Year 2014

For the first time ever there was a 3 way tie for Man of the Year after all the events and distribution of awesome points. Obviously three men cannot hold the title of Man of the Year, so as per our rules we had to settle the tie by going to the knives.

It was an intense few rounds of knives being flung at a tree, but it was Sam Williams who stuck it in first to claim his throne as the Man of The Year. Ed Arsenault followed up by claiming the Without a Paddle award and Dustin Porter once again found himself out of a top two finish.

Man of the Year 2014:
Sam Williams

Without a Paddle 2014:
Ed Arsenault

Shit out of Luck 2014:
Chris Williams

Competitions and Winners:

Washer Toss:
Dustin Porter

Fishing Derby:
Samuel Williams

Samuel Williams

Extreme Challenge:
Dustin Porter

Man of the year group photo with trophies.


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