Man of the Year 2016

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? This paradox was solved as we once again went into the wild for our annual Man of the Year competition. While year five brought a new competitor into the fold, it was Scott Fry playing the role of unstoppable force, nearly completing a sweep of all this year's events. Alas, his best efforts were no match for a strong and steady showing in all events and incredible tally in "awesome points" by the immovable object, Dustin Porter. Dustin managed to overcome the elements, fish his sleeping bag out of the lake and go back-to-back in a way that would impress Joe Carter himself.

As always, the results of MvW:V follow below:

Man of the Year 2016:
Dustin Porter

Without a Paddle 2015:
Scott Fry

Shit out of Luck:
John Campion

Competitions and Winners:

Washer Toss:
Scott Fry

Fishing Technician:
Ed Arsenault

Scott Fry

Extreme Challenge Part I - The 'Betty Crocker' Manwich Award:
Dustin Porter

Extreme Challenge Part II - The 'To the Knives' Award:
Scott Fry


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