Friday, 4 August 2017

The Halifax Donair

Peter and John Kamoulakos tried to introduce Bluenosers to traditional Greek style gyro's during the late 1960s at their small restaruant in Bedford, N.S. The brothers soon found, however, that Nova Scotians weren’t very fond of lamb served with a yogurt sauce. They bailed on the lamb for beef and crafted the distinctive sweet sauce, creating something unique.


According to locals the best way to eat a donair is at night and outside. That's why when the bars start to close in downtown Halifax, a mass of people congregate at the intersection of Blowers and Grafton Streets, better known as Pizza Corner (A whole corner of pizza?!?). They seek slices of pizza, subs and, above all else, donairs.
A donair has heavily spiced ground beef that’s shaped into a large loaf and roasted on a spit, then shaved and seared on a range. The meat is tossed on a thin, Lebanese-style pita and topped with tomatoes and raw onions. The magic donair sauce is an addictively sweet blend of evaporated milk, vinegar, garlic powder and sugar. The sandwich is wrapped in tinfoil and eaten out of hand. Kind of. Let's just say its best held away as far from your body as possible
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