Friday, 11 August 2017

Alliston Potato Festival

Every year on the second weekend of August things start to change in my hometown, an amusement park pops up in my old grade school yard, the streets start to get busier, the store fronts begin to take on a festive appearance as they compete for the best potato display. The town of Alliston is a buzz for it's annual Potato Festival. 

If you are wondering why Alliston chose to host a festival of potatoes. It is because at the time of the Potato Festival's conception (1972-73), Alliston was the biggest and the best potato growing area of Ontario and most likely even Canada. 

Friday night Victoria street shuts down for the annual parade, not many know this but it is one of the biggest parades around and by far my personal favourite part of the weekend, but as a child I can remember the rides and games were always a top priority. Besides the midway and the parade there are many other things to keep one busy, such as sidewalk sales, live music and beer tent, a car show, street buskers and much more. 

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