Thursday, 3 August 2017

Algonquin Provincial Park

Sprawling over an estimated 8000 square kilometers of rugged Canadian shield is Ontario's oldest and 3rd largest provincial park. Algonquin Provincial Park is located between Georgian Bay and the Ottawa River in Central Ontario. The park is home to moose, wolves, black bears and smaller mammals like otters, fox or raccoons. Over 250 bird species have been recorded within Algonquins corridor.

Sunset on Rock Lake
By Eric Raymond Lanning, CC BY 3.0,

In the fall the park explodes with colours as the leaves change, and in the spring the odds of seeing a moose at the side of the road increases as they are attracted to the left over road salt from the winter. The real attraction for outdoor enthusiasts comes from the 1,500 kilometers of canoe routes on over 2,400 lakes and all of that unexplored wilderness.

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