Monday, 31 July 2017

The Prairies

Primarily located in southern Saskatchewan but sprinkled into lower Alberta and Manitoba are the Canadian Prairies. The Canadian Prairies are the northernmost section of the Great Plains of North America. Once a thriving wild grassland the Canadian Prairies have since been converted into almost exclusive farmland. The growth patterns of certain plants are predictable here and yield excellent crops. Some notable crops are wheat, canola, flax, oats and barley.

Spectacular view of a farmers field in the prairies.
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When you mention the prairies to a Canadian they most certainly think of the flat golden wheat fields contrasted to a rich blue sky that you can see for miles and miles. However the land is more diverse and includes, plains, valleys, hills and more. There is plenty to do and see including camping with Parks Canada, learning how to farm and visiting local landmarks. A famous Canadian television series Corner Gas, was also filmed and set in the prairies. We love Canada's diverse landscape and the prairies do not always get the attention they deserve. If you find yourself out there, a wheat field sunset will knock your socks off!

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