Thursday, 27 July 2017

Cirque du Soleil

The word circus was once synonymous with kitsch and frivolity. While it was always about spectacle, the word for many conjures up visions of caged animals, questionable workers and greedy schemes to give people little entertainment for maximum profit.

Photo by TBWABusted 

Cirque du Soleil has glamourized the concept of circus while bringing it back to glory in terms of grand spectacle; bringing people jaw-dropping talent combined with intense art.

Founded in 1984 by two street performers, the “Circus of the Sun” has gone on to perform in front of over 90 million people in over 270 countries.

Shows combine sublime choreography, powerful music and artful sets with often death-defying acrobatics, incredibly trained animals and other art forms including dance, puppetry and song, all while maintaining the feel of being “under the big top.”   

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