Thursday, 1 June 2017

Filmmaking Destination

What do blockbusters like Titanic, Brokeback Mountain, The Incredible Hulk, Mean Girls, Twilight and The Day After Tomorrow have in common? They all feature the best stand-in of all time, Canada!

Canada has numerous beautiful and versatile settings which, when paired with a culture and system that promote the arts, makes Canada a world-class filmmaking destination. Various incentives and an attractive exchange rate have led many producers to choose Canada as their location for small and blockbuster movies alike.  

The Canadian wilds have been portrayed as the American west, while urban centres such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver have stood-in for New York, Boston and Los Angeles. One of the Canada's more comical performances featured Toronto as a stand-in for Chicago, in the movie Chicago.

Don't worry Hollywood, we don't mind you using Canada as a stand-in. We understand our beautiful landscapes and majestic cities make us hard to resit.

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