Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Tim Hortons

What can you say about a country where one of their most iconic symbols is a coffee shop, and where a phrase synonymous with that coffee shop, "Double-Double" (meaning a coffee with two cream and two sugar) has been enshrined as an official word in the dictionary. Well, all you can really say is that Canada is awesome, because anything less would be simply untrue.

Canadians buy more coffee from food service than any other country in the world, and eight of every 10 of those cups are bought at Tim Hortons. Indeed, almost one in five Canadians goes to Tim Hortons daily (that is insane, but in an awesome way). This equates to the chain serving over two billion cups of coffee every year.

It is not rare to see Facebook or Instagram posts of ex-pats or even those who have simply been outside of Canada for vacation post a picture of their favourite cup upon their return to native soil with the caption, "oh, how I have missed thee."

Tim Hortons' success can be chalked up to nothing short of a cultural phenomenon. The coffee has consistently received poor reviews by experts, the food is nothing more than soups, sandwiches and donuts (that are on the small side), the popularity means there is always a wait to get your cup, and the chain isn't even Canadian-owned anymore. Nonetheless, Canadians flock to Tims by the millions every day, which is likely why they need one location for every 9000 Canadians!

Maybe its the 18% cream, but I prefer to think it is another way that Canadians enjoy simple pleasures. Tims is a meeting place, a constant in a crazy world; it is home, in the same way your favourite thread-bare easy chair is home, consistent, comfortable and rich with memories. That's why there is no better way to show a Canadian love than by bringing them a steaming hot cup of Timmies.

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