Sunday, 28 May 2017


The Muskoka-region of Ontario feels iconically Canadian. This has a lot to do with the Group of Seven capturing the area so vividly in their paintings, which hang on the walls of the last several generations of Canadians. It has also come to be so iconic as generations, even before the Group of Seven, have found themselves drawn to the natural, rugged beauty of the area. Whether travelling to a campground, going backcountry, or traveling to a million-dollar cottage, Ontario's cottage country has much to discover.

Home to 1600 lakes, the region has changed significantly in the last 50 years. Lakes such as Rosseau, Joseph and Muskoka host the cottages of the rich and famous while single lane roads have turned into multi-lane highways cutting through the rocky landscape. That said, there is still plenty of untouched wilderness and quiet areas into which to escape.

The Real Man Travels gang loves to fade into the Muskoka wilds whenever we get a chance.    

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