Thursday, 4 May 2017


Canada's mosaic is nothing new. We've long been a country of blended backgrounds and ethnicity. What is unique about Canada, though, is how different backgrounds play in relationship dynamics and friendships.

In my experience, ethnicity and background are not overlooked, but embraced. We embrace similarities, while recognizing and exploring differences, collectively finding the best in everything and bringing it to bare.

Some say religion, politics and culture are taboo in polite conversation, but as many know, polite goes out the window with good friends. In such circles these topics become fair game, and treated as the pillars of personality that they are. As such, they become subject to the same conversation, jokes and thoughtful debate that make up the dynamic of a great friend circle, and everyone is better, and more connected, for it.

While this may not be universal across all Canadians, it does, to me, represent the best of Canada. A people that do not try to melt others into a single mold, or hold fast to the beliefs they were born into, but instead who look for the best in all.

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