Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Canadian Stand Off

Photo created by CUEK.co

We Canadians have always been stereotyped as a polite people. A visit to a typical Canadian office building will provide the opportunity for you to witness an authentic moment of Canadiana that occurs almost daily in the work places all across our great country. The Canadian Stand Off.

A gentleman walks down the hallway on his way to a meeting. On his way he approaches a door way just as another gentleman is approaching. They make eye contact and the game is on. The first to reach the door smiles and holds it open - first blood - "After you" he says to the friendly stranger. "You were here first. Please, go ahead" the stranger replies with smile ramping the tension higher. " No, please...I insist" and with that simple exchange we have a full blown Canadian stand off. It will go on for a few minutes more until both are now late for their respective meetings before someone finally walks through the door.

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