Sunday, 30 April 2017

The Canadian Rocky Mountains

That's right kids, the Rocky Mountains are known for more than just that place you can buy chocolates at the mall!

Last summer I had to good fortune to hike into an Alberta Provincial Park and spend a night surrounded by the Rockies. There's simply nothing else like it. You will start with a view of them from hours away and might be inclined to reference Dumb & Dumber ("That John Denver is full of shit man"). As you weave your way through the mountain roads every corner leaves you in aw, staring up the rock faces of your surroundings, while cautiously looking for big horn sheep that may have decided to pull a Gandalf and insist that "You shall not pass!" There's just something about surrounding yourself with giant mountains that makes your day-to-day problems seem, well, small. Plus the mountains provide a great buffer from our hipster cousins in British Columbia. That's no slight to the province. I mean literally Chris and I have cousins there that are total hipsters.

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