Friday, 21 April 2017


Used under creative commons. Photo credit: Casey Lessard, Carnival-SnoPitch-3245

Canadians are a bunch of wonderful wackos – and nowhere is that made more evident than on a snow-covered baseball field in late January at a seasonal -20 degrees (in Celsius, the more human temperature scale).

Yes, Canadians play baseball in the winter, for some reason. My parents were avid sno-pitch players and I spent many a weekend morning shivering away on the bleachers watching them slip and slide all over the field chasing that big orange softball. Why is the ball orange you ask? So you can find it in the snowbanks that build up by the fences, of course.

In reality, sno-pitch is just another reason for Canadians to get together with friends for laughs. There is always a thermos nearby filled with half coffee half Kaluha that, along with the friendship, helps keep the players warm and the frostbite at bay.   

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