Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Canadian Slang

Across this great nation there is a word or phrase you’ve never heard and wouldn’t understand for everyday things unless you were Canadian. Some of them are goofy sounding, but you know what, they are ours. Here are some fine examples of the greatness that is Canadian slang.

  • Hoser – A stupid person, also acceptable is hose-head. Side note, the word hose can also mean to swindle or be swindled. Eg, “I got hosed by the tax man on my last paycheque”.
  • Mickey – 375mL of liquour (13oz for you Muricans).
  • Keener – A brown noser, mostly related to school work.
  • Klicks – referencing speed or distance in kilometres, eg “The nearest Tim Hortons is about 3 klicks that way.”
  • Loonie & Twonie - $1 coin (has a loon on it) and $2 coin (rhymes with loonie, but is worth $2 so naturally twonie is it’s new name).
  • Gitch – Underwear.
  • Kitty-Corner – Something that is diagonally across from something else.
  • Kerfuffle – a small commotion from a disagreement.
  • Beauty – used to describe something/someone awesome eg. “Picked up a new toque, she’s a beauty”. Can also shorten it to "beaut"
  • Jokes – used to describe a funny person or situation. “That guy at the bush party last night was telling some great stories, he’s jokes”.
  • True – used to agree with someone. Real Man Travels has taken it one step further and uses “#truth” in our group chat to agree with something.
There are plenty more that are local to certain areas and others that you will see throughout the run of this 150 list!

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