Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Arrowhead Skating Trail

Long, cold winters are a reality for Canadians; while we love to complain about the cold and snow, Canadians know there is plenty of fun to be had when the days get short and the flurries fall.
One truly Canadian winter experience is to check out the skating trail at Arrowhead Provincial Park near Huntsville, Ontario. Ontario Parks builds the trail every winter and it is 1.3 km of good fun. 

Bending through the pine forest you can’t help but feel Canadian as you carve through the woods. Taking on the trail at night is even cooler (literally, as in temperature, as well figurative, as in Fonz-defined coolness), as they light the trail with tiki torches for fire-lit skates.

I checked out the trail with my family on a trip to Huntsville and experienced some of the fun Ontario’s near-north has to offer. Read more about that.

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