Thursday, 2 July 2015

Photo and Video Evidence: Man of the Year 2015

Another year has gone by and another one of our annual Man of the Year camping trips has come to a close. To keep with tradition we documented the struggles and hardships faced in all the challenges and feats of strengths in order to win the coveted title of Man of the Year. For the first time we also made a video, so be sure to watch it! We'd like to thank our friends at Honda Canada for powering our dreams and hooking us up with a Honda Fit to get to the Isle of Man.

A short video (make sure you watch in 720p or 1080p) followed by pictures of our weekend adventure!

Unloading our custom made canoe trailer
Unloading our custom canoe trailer.

Unloading the Honda Fit
Unloading the Honda Fit at the boat launch.

Canoes sitting peacefully on the shore
We made it to the Isle of Man, time to set up and get fishing!

Tent set up with a view of the lake
Scott's tent all set up with a nice view of the lake.

Sam fishing on the shore
Sam trying to catch us some dinner.

Scott fishing on the shore
Scott fighting to reel in his 0.01 pound perch.

Porter sitting on a rock fishing
Who needs a canoe when you have a good sitting rock? Porter fishing like a boss.

Scott caught a bass.
The fish we couldn't keep. Scott caught a fat bass that was unfortunately out of season off the shore.

Porter throwing his washers in washer toss.
Washer toss and beer is next! Porter showing off a champion technique of tossing washers.

Chris playing washer toss
Chris is focused and determined to get a sewer!

Top 3 Washer Toss Champs
Top 3 finishers. Also might be the only photo of Ed from the weekend as he was always behind the camera

The sun setting behind the trees on the lake.
The sun is setting over the lake.

Canoes shore side at dusk
The boats are packed up for the night.

View at dusk across the lake,
The views that we really do this trip for.

Tons of stars over the lake
Starry night.

View of the stars through the trees on our campsite
The stars through the trees on our campsite.

Campfire with a view of the lake
Campfire with a view.

The boys sitting around the campfire
Enjoy the fire boys, tomorrow we crown a champion!

Fishing Technician and Sharpshooter winner Scott.
2015 Fishing Technician and Sharpshooter Champion

Xtreme challenge and Without a Paddle award winner Sam
2015 Xtreme Challenge and Without a Paddle Champion

Washer Toss and Man of the Year 2015 winner Porter
2015 Washer Toss Champion and 2015 Man of the Year!

Porter being knighted Man of the Year 2015
Porter being knighted Man of the Year by the previous years winner Sam.

A final group shot of all of us and our awards
Another year of good friends, good times and memories that will last a lifetime!


  1. Fishing, fire and friends. Truly looks like a weekend of fun in the great outdoors.

    1. It doesn't get any better than that. Thanks for your comment!