Tuesday, 9 June 2015

5 Gifts for the Dad who Thinks He’s Pretty Tech Savvy

Today’s list of Father’s Day gifts will focus on the dad who thinks he is pretty tech savvy, but you know he actually isn’t. These gifts are meant to be simple in use.

1. Smart Watch - $149+

Not too long ago the smart watch was just a fictional piece of equipment made for British spies, star fleet commanders and those deep into the military, AREA-51 style. Well, now your old man can join those ranks too!

Smart watches have come a long way from their original inception as they are no longer just big square screens with rubber wrist bands. Brands like Motorola and LG have embraced the classic timepiece style with round screens on the Moto X and LG Urbane. That’s not to say the square screen factor is gone. Sony, Samsung, Pebble and Apple all make solid smart watches as well.

Variety of Smart Watches - Image courtesy of Flickr
While these smart watches may not have a direct line to the president, be able to shoot mini rockets in a time of need, or even have a self-destruct mode, it is almost guaranteed that your dad will love feeling like he is a spy as he checks his messages discreetly on his wrist.

Want to spend a crazy amount to attach a strap to an existing watch with a screen on the bottom of the strap? Mont Blanc has you covered with their Urban Speed e-Strap. A monochromatic screen sits on the underside (bottom of your wrist) and will connect to most devices. Expect to drop an outrageous $3000+ on this strap.

2. Chromecast - $39 CAD

Watching videos, listening to music and sharing photos has been made simpler by the fine folks at Google with their handy streaming device, Chromecast.

How does it work? You simply plug the Chromecast dongle into an HDMI slot on your TV and then plug in the USB cord to either the TV or wall outlet for power. Download the Chromecast app and follow the easy instructions to get your Chromecast connected to your home’s WiFi network.

Chromecast Dongle
Once connected you can begin using apps that “cast” from your phone to your Chromecast connected TV. Currently apps like Netflix, Youtube, MLB TV, NBA Game Time, NFL Game Pass, Songza, Tune In and more are supported with more apps being added frequently. Full app list here.

We at Real Man Travels also recommend adding a gift card to Google Play or The App Store. This will allow your old man to get certain premium casting apps like All Cast which will allow other sources of streamed content. We’ll leave that gray area up to you to figure out though.

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3. Bluetooth Speaker - $50 +

Music anywhere; that's a beautiful thing for a dad who loves to rock out wherever he may be. Without breaking the bank your old man can bring his music to the garage, the backyard, the basement, camping, travelling and more. And you know he is going to feel pretty bad ass doing it all without wires.

The two speakers we recommend are:

Bose Soundlink Mini - $219,99 CAD

Plain and simple, this is the best sounding Bluetooth speaker I've experienced by far.

Bose Soundlink - Image courtesy of PC Mag

EcoxGear Ecorox Waterproof Wireless Speaker - $125 CAD

EcoXGear EcoRox - Image Courtesy of MEC
This is a great speaker for being outside with, whether camping or chilling on a hammock in the yard. It's waterproof and will last 10 hours.

4. Nest Thermostat - $249 CAD

How many times growing up did you hear something along the lines “Who turned up/down the thermostat!? Do you think this place heats and cools itself for free?” Then magically a piece of tape appears blocking the little switch…as if that tape is permanent.

Nest Thermostat
Get your old man the Nest thermostat and let him reap the benefit of energy savings all year around. The Nest system learns from your use, lowers/raises temperature when you’re away and is controllable by most phones and tablets. Bonus: Pair it up with the Nest Smoke and C02 detector if you really love your dad! $109

Put the energy saving power your dad craves into his hands this Father’s Day with the Nest Thermostat.

5. Wireless Wallet/Key Finder -$30+

Okay, maybe this is more of a necessity than a gift. What man hasn't lost his wallet or keys and wished there was an easier way to find them then rummaging through every pair of pants, jacket and drawers. That easy solution is a cheap and thin wallet/key finder. Simply pair the app on your phone to the key finder and never worry again. Unless of course you left them behind on a trip, then your S.O.L.

We at Real Man Travels like the look of the TrackR the most of the wallet/key finders.

The TrackR - Image Courtesy of NiftyReads
There you have it, five gift ideas to make your dad feel like he is a champion of technology, a spy, a hero amongst men...or, well, just like he has some cool toys to play with. If you were thinking of, or got your dad any of the above items let us know in the comments below!

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