Monday, 29 June 2015

Checking out Toronto from the Edge with Ford Canada

Perspective is a fascinating thing. Just as our personal perspective causes us to view the world differently based on where we stand on issues, where we physically stand literally shapes how we view our world. You may have seen this fascinating post that explores how shockingly different major landmarks appear from different vantages; it makes the impact of perspective shockingly clear.

Last week, I was invited by Ford Canada to test drive the all new 2015 Ford Edge, and also to experience Ontario’s capital from a few unique perspectives.

Coming from a small town, we referred to Toronto as “the City” growing up. Despite being one of several cities within driving distance, everyone knew what you meant when you said: “I’m driving down to the City today” or “They are coming in from the City.” Like many from small towns, my personal perspective of Toronto was narrow and clouded by fear of the unknown.

Having family in “the City,” we made regular trips in, mainly to the west and north ends. Though somewhat rare, we did make it downtown for the odd baseball or hockey game, or on a field trip to a museum or other attraction. These infrequent trips provided a limited physical perspective of Toronto; that of a tourist who viewed the city as a novelty, a place full of visual “treats” and sensational experiences.

As a young adult, my perspective of Toronto widened as I took apartments in the city’s west end and worked for a few years in the core. My personal perspective also widened as I began to experience the culture of the city and befriend its people. Physically, I experienced the city from the top of office buildings, from side streets, fancy restaurants and seedy bars.

We met the Ford team at Steam Whistle Brewery to learn about the new features of the completely redesigned Edge. The perspective from the brewery was nothing new to most who have visited the city.

I was pleased to hear that the mid-sized crossover SUV was built in Canada, adding critical jobs. Hopping into one of the Titanium models, we weaved through the city streets, testing out the solid navigation system and enjoying the incredibly quiet cab, complete with well-crafted and immensely comfortable leather seats. We met at Polson Pier, a site I'd only ever visited at night to attend concerts and events at the Sound Academy (formally the Docks, for those old enough to remember).  In the daylight, we were treated to another perspective of this great city. This time, it was a beauty.

At Polson Pier we put the Edge through its paces on a closed course. Encouraged not to hold back, we challenged the vehicle through aggressive acceleration and breaking and tight turns and slaloms. The Sport model stood out firmly in these tests, feeling glued to the road and incredibly responsive. At 315 horsepower, it also had guts to spare. We gave some of the impressive driver assist technologies such as assisted parallel and perpendicular parking a try, all while enjoying the view.

The front end wide angle camera lets you pull out of tight parking spots confidently.
We took a test drive to enjoy another perspective of Toronto, the sprawling York University Glendon Campus.

We then returned to the Steam Whistle Brewery to prepare to experience Toronto from one of its most thrilling perspectives: the CN Tower EdgeWalk!

Thorough and repetitive safety checks preceded our rapid ascent up the tower’s elevator to just above the LookOut level. Stepping out the door onto the grated walkway that wraps around the tower, we were greeted with an incredible view of the Toronto Island. Taking our first, terrifying glance over the edge, we saw the Steam Whistle Roundhouse building and the Roger’s Centre, positively dwarfed-looking from 116 storeys up (1168 ft!). Walking around the tower and attempting the various lean-outs recommended by our guide, it is truly something to experience Toronto from one of the widest possible perspectives. The city is truly immense.

Perspectives. Whether you view "the City" from a bench in High Park, Yonge-Dundas Square, the top of the CN Tower or through the panoramic sunroof of a Ford Edge, there is always something that changes how you feel about a place.

How has viewing something from a different physical perspective changed your personal perspective about something? Share in the comments.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

5 Reasons to Book a Camping Trip Now

Ever since I was a little kid I have loved camping. I remember my parents loading up the car with all of our camping gear, and heading north of the city to spend three days immersed in nature. Funnily enough, the town near to where we used to camp is the town that my parents eventually settled in.

When I was old enough to go camping alone I took every opportunity I could to do so with friends. We’d hike, bike, swim, goof around the campfire and take care of ourselves with no adult supervision. Now that I am an adult who has a busy schedule and limited time I cherish every chance I have to disconnect with my daily life and reconnect with nature, preferably with some of those same friends I camped with as a kid.

Here are 5 reasons why you too should disconnect from the daily grind and reconnect with nature by camping.

1. Camping Makes You Appreciate the Little Things in Life

What I love about camping is shedding the unnecessary and only bringing exactly what you need. It puts things into perspective for when you are preparing to leave and when you return.

You can’t carry everything into the woods, so you must purge your lifestyle down to only the necessities. What those necessities are will vary for everyone, but it is a great feeling to realize what you really need versus what you think you need. 

Chris – “I feel camping is real and basic. I think I like it because it humbles me. It also brings my kids closer to me when I take them, almost like an adventure!”

Camping also makes you appreciate all that you have upon your return. Everyday items we take for granted become amazing again like your washer and dryer, your bed, TV, smartphones etc. All of these things that we relied on and took for granted are much more appreciated for their importance in our lives.

2. Camping Helps You Reconnect

Camping is a time to reconnect, not just with nature but with each other. Spending a few nights under the stars with friends and family is a great way to connect in ways you normally wouldn’t during the daily grind. As well you can reconnect with nature, lay under a starlit sky and ponder how small you are or walk through a forest and realize how quiet the world is away from the hustle and bustle of a city or town.

Scott – “I remember last year [at Man of the Year camping trip] on the Saturday morning when we all set out to fish, the water was still and the park was quiet. That’s what I love, a little bit of tranquility in all too busy life. And beers and jokes around the campfire.”

You’d think that we guys at Real Man Travels see each other often, but in reality we don’t. With our busy 9-5 schedules, families and plenty of side activities we don’t spend a lot of quality time together just hanging out. Our annual camping trip provides us the time to unwind and reconnect in a way that we don’t normally have throughout the year. Our Man vs. Wild camping trip is something we all look forward to doing each summer.

3. Camping Gives You Time to Think

I always take some time to myself on a camping trip whether it is fishing at 4:30 am off the shore, sitting down in a chair for an hour in silence or just going for a short hike. Camping provides an opportunity to be alone in relative silence to think about your life and plan out some things you want to do with no outside influence.

Fun Fact: Real Man Travels was created because of Chris taking some time to think during a camping trip that people would be interested in reading about the shenanigans we get into.

4. Camping Creates Self Reliance

If you’re going on a camping trip it’s a chance to learn to be self-reliant. You are picking the best spot for a shelter (in some cases building your own shelter), you are starting fires from scratch, chopping wood, cooking in ways you didn’t know you could, fishing for a meal, learning a little about first aid on the fly, and much more.

Sam – “The real reason I like camping is it gives me a chance to escape the everyday routine and reconnect with my surroundings. The chance to self-sustain, even for a weekend gives me a sense of caveman pride.”

In my opinion this is something we HAVE to teach the next generation of kids about. The more entwined youth get with technology the less happy they seem to be away from it. Camping is a small break that creates confidence and self-reliance when given the chance. So take a weekend away with no screens and become more self-reliant!

5. Camping is a Break from the Daily Routine

Camping offers an escape from the every day. A chance to escape the grind of work, the continuous flow of email exchanges and phone calls. There are no bosses, no co-workers, no workplace jargon or etiquette to follow (well there is some etiquette, please follow all park rules!).

Justin – “Hanging out with friends around the campfire and away from the distractions of regular life brings everyone closer together.”

There is just nature, family and friends, there is silence, there is beauty beyond description but most importantly there is a break from the real world that we all could use an escape from.

While this list may seem geared to traditional camping, it can also be accomplished by “glamping” in yurts, cabins or RV’s. Don’t feel that you have to rough it to the extreme to reap the benefits of camping. So pull up the website of a place you want to camp in and book your summer camping adventure now!

Have any camping adventures planned? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Girl's Getaway to Niagara

A Post By Terrina

You know, sometimes it's nice to mix a little business and pleasure, and I did just that. Perfectly paired with some girlfriends, this sweet visit included four of the twenty-five wineries located around Niagara-on-the-Lake. Mix it up with a 40th birthday celebration for my best friend Dee and some great weather, and we had the recipe for a great girl's getaway to Niagara.  

Jackson Triggs

Peller Estates

4 Sista's at Two Sisters
The wineries we chose to visit were Jackson Triggs, Two Sisters, Peller Estates and Inniskillin. Out of the four wineries that we visited, one stood out with its huge driveway leading up to the front entrance. The outside of the Two Sisters Vineyards featured lovely gardens and it got better as you went inside. The main foyer gave us the feeling of being in Italy, especially the main hall's breathtaking chandeliers (chandeliers are kind of my thing).

It may have been the wine, but I am pretty sure it was the warm welcome, the wonderful story of the Two Sisters and it's history (herstory) that made it our favorite stop of the day. Our host, Larissa, was as welcoming as could be. She told us the tale of  the Two Sisters, Angela and Melissa, and the special meaning behind their company logo.

The two sisters logo was created by a local tattoo artist Jen at Lucky Sister
The seven grapes between the two female heads represent the sisters seven children, each of the sisters have two daughters to carry on the Two Sisters tradition for generations to follow. It truly was a great story.

We enjoyed the 2013 Sauvignon Blanc paired with charred asparagus and aged percorino cheese.  Larissa then took us into the cellar for a quaint tour.

After we had tasted at three of the wineries  we found our way to Inniskillin. By then, the birthday girl may have had a little to much, as you can see:

But... you only turn 40 once!
After sampling the wine and paired food and enjoying the perfect weather, we all headed to our nearby hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn; a lovely place where the manger, Bob Dick, took great care of us. Bob was able to hook us up with a Mercedes limo van from Entourage Limo to drive us to our dinner at the Keg at Fallsview where we were lucky enough to catch the firework show (highly recommended that you try to plan your meal to correspond with the fireworks, if you can).  After dinner we hit the casino and then danced the night away at Dragon Fly Nightclub

Planned a successful girl's getaway? We would love to hear about it!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Bonus Gift Guide: 5 Gifts for Father's Day from a Daughter

(EDITORS NOTE: We asked our contributor Alison to give us some of her brilliant gift ideas for her dad on Father's Day from the female perspective. As she put it herself. Shop like a girl.)

I have a hierarchy when it comes to shopping: Clothes shopping usually sucks, grocery shopping is total zen. Gift shopping, well gift shopping is just the best. Here are my tips and gift ideas for Father's Day 2015.

A Leatherman Multi-Tool

Having a handy Dad is the absolute best. Part of the handy Dad mystique is that they always seem to have just the right tool at hand (my friend Amanda swears her dad once produced a tiny hammer from his pocket). Leathermans come in different sizes and price-points, so you can find the perfect one to suit your Dad’s needs (mine is a Leatherman Wave guy).

A Year of Shaves

Buying razors sucks. They are expensive, the package is hard to open, and you never remember you need them until it’s too late. 
I’ve been a member of Dollar Shave Club for about a year now, and I’m into it (ladies, get the every-other month option). For between $3.50-9.50 a month Dollar Shave Club will send your dad four new razor cartridges a month. 

Everyday Luxuries

Sometimes the little things add up to a pretty great gift. Car wash gift certificates, tokens for balls at his favourite driving range, some craft brews, and a few of his favourite guilty pleasure treats (think Joe Louis and Kit Kats) can be bundled together for a great, personalized gift. 

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Go Super Lux 

Father’s Day presents tend to be less about pampering than Mother’s Day. But that doesn’t have to be the case, Dads like a little luxury too. Here’s my tip for purchasing a luxury gift: Pick something he uses every day, and upgrade the shit out of it. Dad’s robe looking a little threadbare? Get thee to Holt Renfrew. Does his wallet have velcro on it? Go to Roots or Danier for an upgrade. These flavoured, small-batch toothpicks packaged in fine leather sleeves from Daneson have been on my Dad-gift radar since Christmas.

Memory Lane

Want to know a secret? Before your dad had you he drove a way cooler car. Then you were born and you literally ate all the money. True story. If your dad has a cool car in his past, immortalize it with a custom painting. TabCreates makes amazing one-of-a-kind car paintings. Just tell her the make, model, and colour of Dad’s old car and she will work with you to make a painting that might even make the most stoic dad shed a tear. (Full disclosure: I think Tab is amazing and make her hang out with me often, which is to say we are friends). 

The Gift of You

When I was little one of my go-to gifts was to offer my services as a caddy. I don’t think i ever carried his bag or did anything useful, but it was probably pretty cute. One time I wandered off to try to catch frogs in a water hazard and stepped on a wasp nest - that was a real banner father’s day. While I’m no longer as adorable, I am a lot more useful (especially now that I can buy a round). Spending one-on-one time with a parent as an adult is always special to both of you, so play a round with Dad. If you don’t know how to golf, pay for the round, drive the cart, and learn how to work the rangefinder - just make sure you call the course ahead of time to make sure they don’t have rules against non-players on the course.

Another option is to cook him a meal. It’s his day so you really want to go heavy on the meat - I recommend ribs or steak (you can even let him grill the steak if you’ve never done it before). Get a good bottle of wine, and finish off with his favourite dessert. 

Saturday, 13 June 2015

5 Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Dad Who Thinks He's Outdoorsy

5 Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Dad Who Thinks He's Outdoorsy

This is a list geared toward dads who love the outdoors and spending good old fashioned National Lampoons-style family time together. These dads like shore lunches and peeing outside. Here is the list of 5 Father's Day Gift Idea for the dad who thinks he is outdoorsy.

1. Duct tape - $5  

I can remember walking home for lunch in high school; my mom would make my friends and I a grilled cheese sandwich each and we would catch an episode of the Red Green Show. I remember when he would build things and secure the parts with duct tape. "The Handyman's Secret Weapon" will always have its place in your dad's toolbox. It is also handy to pack in your camping gear. You never know when you may blow a boot. Just slap a piece of duct tape over that hole and voila! Just like new.

2. Coleman Coffee Maker - $70 - $170

Coffee without electricity!! It can be done with the Coleman coffee maker. It may not be compact like a French press, but I own one of these suckers and it is worth the weight and space to have the sweeet nectar of the gods brewing on a cool summer morning. Chances are, if your dad thinks he's outdoorsy, he will love this.

CONTEST: Win a $125 Travel Shave Kit from @KingsCrown and @RealManTravels by tweeting the URL of this post, with the hidden hashtag #RMTOutdoorsDad and mention @KingsCrown1774 and @RealManTravels. You can also Like us on Facebook and post the hidden hashtag #RMTOutdoorsDad to our page for a bonus entry! Winner to be announced June 19th, 2015. Contest is only open to Canadian residents. More details here: Contest Details

3. Bear Grylls Survival Knife - $40 

When I came up with the idea of our annual Man of the Year camping trip I found this knife at the store and quickly bought it. It has several uses and makes you feel safe and protected when in the wilderness. It has been featured on our other gift guides as well, so you know we love it.

4. Lucky Strike Victor Spoon - $4

I was introduced to Lucky Strike lures by my brother-in-law when I was younger and I was shocked by the amount of fish we would catch with them. With this lure and a worm I have caught pike, bass, walleye and perch. If your dad likes to fish, this is a must try/buy.

5. Zero Gravity Chair - $40+

Imagine taking a nap in the summer shade. Now imagine taking that nap in space! That is the beauty of this chair, it is the ultimate lawn chair. I have slept entire nights in one of these chairs, and dads love naps. This will be a direct hit on the bulls-eye.

Friday, 12 June 2015

5 Father's Day Gifts For 'The Nerd' Dad

By: Justin Kierstead

Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope was released in 1977. The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was released in 1985. Comic books/graphic novels have been around for centuries. So that means that there are a bunch of dads out there who grew up reading comics, watching sci-fi movies, playing video games and indulging in all things ‘nerd.’ Today’s gift guide installment is for the dad in your life who’s a nerd at heart. The dad who loves sci-fi, comic books, video games, cult classic movies and latest gizmos and gadgets.

1.       NES Game Cartridge Flask ($20)

Your dad likes alcohol. Your dad likes the NES. Honor your dad’s two true loves (excluding you, of course) and pick up one of these nostalgic takes on a flask.  

2.       Loot crate subscription ($28/month) 

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. The excitement of opening a nerd themed gift every month for a year is just what the doctor ordered. These epic crates come packed full of anything and everything nerd related. Each month they provide a different theme to suit each and every dad’s taste. The crates are typically worth $40+ retail, so they give you a break on the price too. Plus, you’re automatically entered into the monthly mega crate draw worth over $2,000!

3.       The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ($70)

It’s being touted as one of the best RPG’s ever made and it was released less than a month ago. If your dad is a gamer, this is a sure fire pick up.

4.       Death Star Bluetooth Speaker ($60)

Pretty much the coolest Bluetooth speaker out there. Now dad can listen to the imperial death march and look cool doing it.

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5.       Hans Solo Carbonite Fridge Wrap ($140)

What better way to give dad’s beer fridge a makeover than with the iconic Hans Solo frozen in carbonite vinyl wrap. The good people over at RM wraps will custom make the wrap to fit any size of refrigerator and give it a look that will be the envy of nerds everywhere.

And with that…

Thursday, 11 June 2015

5 Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Man's Man

The first guy you call when something breaks wasn't born this handy. He was forged in the early years of your childhood as you ran room to room like a little tornado. A hammer and some nails, or maybe super glue to side step the wrath of your mother. Some duct tape and a pillow for child proofing. Now he has a tool box full of things that even Tim "the tool man" Taylor would drool over, and you can't even comprehend what they all do. No ordinary gift will properly say "thank you" to the man who raised you, but these ones might just be a start.

Digital Meat Thermometer ($35+) - He's been grilling steaks medium rare since he was in diapers, but occasionally a guest requests medium well. This handy gadget will have him reigning supreme over the grill for decades to come

Boto Swimwear ($65) - This dad isn't shopping for O'Neill board shorts and damn sure he isn't showing off his "dadbod" in a Speedo. Boto brings a simple style to mens swimwear that your dad will appreciate...unlike your hip hop music, or those neighbor kids who wont get off his lawn!

CONTEST: Win a $125 Travel Shave Kit from @KingsCrown and @RealManTravels by tweeting the URL of this post, with the hidden hashtag #RMTManlyDad and mention @KingsCrown1774 and @RealManTravels. You can also Like us on Facebook and post the hidden hashtag #RMTManlyDad to our page for a bonus entry! Winner to be announced June 19th, 2015. Contest is only open to Canadian residents. More details here: Contest Details
Stanley Fubar  ($32) - For the dad that has every tool, there's the Fubar. A tool that, when put in the right hands, can far surpass the 4-in-1 claims of its creator while earning its name's acronym.

Chillsner Gift Box Set ($37) - No man deserves a warm beer, but certainly not one that walked up hill both ways to work to put food on the table for you and your family. For the man who just wants an hour with the TV and an ice cold beer at the end of a day, I suggest the Chillsner gift box set.

Tassimo Coffee Maker ($100+) - Time is money, and your dad doesn't have time to waste waiting on a regular pot of coffee to brew. This device will have coffee brewed hot and fresh at the push of a button to start his day on time.

There you have it, five Father's Day gift ideas for the manly man in your life. If you are going to pick up one of these items for your dad, or have another suggestion, let us know in the comments below.



Wednesday, 10 June 2015

5 Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Social Dad

Today's Father's Day gift guide is dedicated to the social dad; the one who has created a backyard primed for hanging out with friends and family.

1. The Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook by David Ort

Barbeques and beer, how can you go wrong. Combining these two beautiful entities is sure to win the social dad's approval. Great recipes and excellent photography make for a great book for use and display.

2. Patio Cooler 

A perfect mix of cool and practical, dad will appreciate being able to put the old igloo out to pasture and replace it with this new patio fixture.

3. Giant Tumbling Timbers 

Think Jenga, only bigger. An awesome outdoor party game that dad will love.

CONTEST: Win a $125 Travel Shave Kit from @KingsCrown and @RealManTravels by tweeting the URL of this post, with the hidden hashtag #RMTSocialDad and mention @KingsCrown1774 and @RealManTravels. You can also Like us on Facebook and post the hidden hashtag #RMTSocialDad to our page for a bonus entry! Winner to be announced June 19th, 2015. Contest is only open to Canadian residents. More details here: Contest Details
4. Napoleon Patioflame® Table 

If asked, dad might prefer a wood-fed fire. But he will surely appreciate being able to have a flame be the centerpiece of outdoor entertaining, at the touch of a button.

5. Big Green Egg 

Dad will love this cool cooking device that triples as a barbeque, an over and a smoker. Ceramic cooking surfaces have a lifetime warranty and won’t rust.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

5 Gifts for the Dad who Thinks He’s Pretty Tech Savvy

Today’s list of Father’s Day gifts will focus on the dad who thinks he is pretty tech savvy, but you know he actually isn’t. These gifts are meant to be simple in use.

1. Smart Watch - $149+

Not too long ago the smart watch was just a fictional piece of equipment made for British spies, star fleet commanders and those deep into the military, AREA-51 style. Well, now your old man can join those ranks too!

Smart watches have come a long way from their original inception as they are no longer just big square screens with rubber wrist bands. Brands like Motorola and LG have embraced the classic timepiece style with round screens on the Moto X and LG Urbane. That’s not to say the square screen factor is gone. Sony, Samsung, Pebble and Apple all make solid smart watches as well.

Variety of Smart Watches - Image courtesy of Flickr
While these smart watches may not have a direct line to the president, be able to shoot mini rockets in a time of need, or even have a self-destruct mode, it is almost guaranteed that your dad will love feeling like he is a spy as he checks his messages discreetly on his wrist.

Want to spend a crazy amount to attach a strap to an existing watch with a screen on the bottom of the strap? Mont Blanc has you covered with their Urban Speed e-Strap. A monochromatic screen sits on the underside (bottom of your wrist) and will connect to most devices. Expect to drop an outrageous $3000+ on this strap.

2. Chromecast - $39 CAD

Watching videos, listening to music and sharing photos has been made simpler by the fine folks at Google with their handy streaming device, Chromecast.

How does it work? You simply plug the Chromecast dongle into an HDMI slot on your TV and then plug in the USB cord to either the TV or wall outlet for power. Download the Chromecast app and follow the easy instructions to get your Chromecast connected to your home’s WiFi network.

Chromecast Dongle
Once connected you can begin using apps that “cast” from your phone to your Chromecast connected TV. Currently apps like Netflix, Youtube, MLB TV, NBA Game Time, NFL Game Pass, Songza, Tune In and more are supported with more apps being added frequently. Full app list here.

We at Real Man Travels also recommend adding a gift card to Google Play or The App Store. This will allow your old man to get certain premium casting apps like All Cast which will allow other sources of streamed content. We’ll leave that gray area up to you to figure out though.

CONTEST: Win a $125 Travel Shave Kit from King's Crown and Real Man Travels by tweeting the URL of this post, with the hidden hashtag #RMTTechDad and mention @KingsCrown1774 and @RealManTravels. You can also Like us on Facebook and post the hidden hashtag #RMTTechDad to our page for a bonus entry! Winner to be announced June 19, 2015. Contest is only open to Canadian residents. More details here: Contest Details

3. Bluetooth Speaker - $50 +

Music anywhere; that's a beautiful thing for a dad who loves to rock out wherever he may be. Without breaking the bank your old man can bring his music to the garage, the backyard, the basement, camping, travelling and more. And you know he is going to feel pretty bad ass doing it all without wires.

The two speakers we recommend are:

Bose Soundlink Mini - $219,99 CAD

Plain and simple, this is the best sounding Bluetooth speaker I've experienced by far.

Bose Soundlink - Image courtesy of PC Mag

EcoxGear Ecorox Waterproof Wireless Speaker - $125 CAD

EcoXGear EcoRox - Image Courtesy of MEC
This is a great speaker for being outside with, whether camping or chilling on a hammock in the yard. It's waterproof and will last 10 hours.

4. Nest Thermostat - $249 CAD

How many times growing up did you hear something along the lines “Who turned up/down the thermostat!? Do you think this place heats and cools itself for free?” Then magically a piece of tape appears blocking the little switch…as if that tape is permanent.

Nest Thermostat
Get your old man the Nest thermostat and let him reap the benefit of energy savings all year around. The Nest system learns from your use, lowers/raises temperature when you’re away and is controllable by most phones and tablets. Bonus: Pair it up with the Nest Smoke and C02 detector if you really love your dad! $109

Put the energy saving power your dad craves into his hands this Father’s Day with the Nest Thermostat.

5. Wireless Wallet/Key Finder -$30+

Okay, maybe this is more of a necessity than a gift. What man hasn't lost his wallet or keys and wished there was an easier way to find them then rummaging through every pair of pants, jacket and drawers. That easy solution is a cheap and thin wallet/key finder. Simply pair the app on your phone to the key finder and never worry again. Unless of course you left them behind on a trip, then your S.O.L.

We at Real Man Travels like the look of the TrackR the most of the wallet/key finders.

The TrackR - Image Courtesy of NiftyReads
There you have it, five gift ideas to make your dad feel like he is a champion of technology, a spy, a hero amongst men...or, well, just like he has some cool toys to play with. If you were thinking of, or got your dad any of the above items let us know in the comments below!