Friday, 8 May 2015

This Week in Beer - Ale-Induced Anecdotals Part Four

Every now and again pauses to bring you the latest from the world of beer. For beer is not boring, nor idle; indeed, beer is dynamic, ever-changing, free (in a non-monetary, hippy kinda-way! So without further adieu, here are the latest and greatest beer stories the internet has to offer.

Have Sewage, Will Beer

Kinda gross, in principle. The state of Oregon is running a competition on who can make treated sewage water into the best beer. The contest is actually a fun way to promote the state's filtered water, which they claim is as clean as clean can be.

Crappy Beer? Teabag it!

Not your Queen mum's teabag. A student in Maryland has created tea bags that make any run-of-the-mill beer as delicious as their higher-caliber craft cousins. Currently a campaign on Kickstarter, the sachets contain hops, fruit peels and natural ingredients that improve beer's flavour and aroma.

Beer Pong Meets Tech

In another Kickstarter campaign, a creative Saskatoon man created a crazy beer pong table that incorporates LED lights, a touch screen score keeper and a ball washer. Who knew college could actually lead to success!

Space Yeast!

Just for giggles, a beer company in Oregon (all these stories from Oregon, go Beaver State go)  sent yeast into space. Fortunately, it survived, and now they've brewed beer with it. Good for them!

A Bottle Opener, in Your Mouth

In a hilarious campaign from Argentinian beer brand Salta, rugby players who lost teeth on the field were offered implanted beer openers to replaced their cast away cuspids. Check out the video:

And finally, check out these guys playing Johnny Cash's greatest hits on beer bottles!


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