Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Acura ILX and Acura RLX Put to the Test

Our editor and chief Chris is so used to driving his big, American made, gas guzzling pick up truck that he had forgotten what it was like to drive a four cylinder gas friendly vehicle. This past summer he was given a peek at just how awesome new car technology really is. Thanks to Honda Canada and Acura Canada Real Man Travels had the luxury of driving five different models from their line ups, along with participating in some amazing events (such as the Honda Indy, kart racing with James Hinchcliffe and a few other good ones). If you are in the market for a new car, take a look at Chris' and Ed's thoughts on the Acura ILX and RLX.

Chris was impressed when he hopped into the brand new Acura ILX - performance meets fuel economy in this beauty. The ILX's leather interior, six speed transmission and sunroof made him smile every time he drove it. He told the guys that the sound of the engine made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. The ILX's sleek look and amazing stereo caught the eyes of many senoritas. 

If you ask Ed about his trip to Montreal he'll likely talk more about driving the Acura RLX Elite for over 1500km than he will about the trip. He fell in love with the styling and handling, fuel economy (half a tank of gas lasted 500km!) and the little details the car provided. He has been secretly wishing some long lost relative would buy him one so he could be happy driving every day.  

Needless to say we were very pleased with both cars and they should be on your "must test drive" list.


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