Thursday, 7 August 2014

Photographic Evidence: Man of the Year 2014

It's a legend; an enigma believed by only the devote; some say a myth: the annual Men vs. Wild weekend to crown the Man of the Year. We decided to document this famed tradition in all its enigmatic glory and share it with the world. Special thanks to Honda Canada for powering this year's trip. 

Our ride: the Honda Pilot
Being hometown Alliston boys we decided to park in front of the Honda plant and grab some shots
Honda Canada Plant In Alliston, ON (our hometown).

Lock um' up. We've arrived

Check out the mirrored water
How bromantic

A classic Chris photo: filter all the things!

Sammy takes Man of the Year and celebrates the only way he knows how: epic-ly
Roll out
Game over. Until next time


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