Monday, 11 August 2014

Meet Us There! The Calabogie Blues & Ribfest

The lads from Real Man Travels are taking on the “23,840 square kilometers of unspoiled awesomeness” that make up Ontario’s Highlands this coming weekend (seriously, that unspoiled awesomeness bit is a quote from their tourism board's website, effectively proving their awesomeness).

What are we going to be doing? Oh just white water rafting, bungee jumping, pigging out on quirky food truck fare, exploring caves, checking out the birthplace of the NHL (yep!), sipping on a beer lovingly called “Farmer’s Daughter,” sleeping (some) in a mountain-side condo… no big deal (seriously, I can feel your jealous rage right now)!

We’ll also be checking out the Class Axe Guitars Calabogie Blues & Ribfest, a three day celebration of the king of manly culinary delights: ribs. I could go on about ribs, but I better get to mentioning the killer music line-up headlined by Jimmie Vaughan and Canadian legend David Wilcox. Ten other acts including the very cool 24th Street Wailers will also perform.

The festival is at the Calabogie Peaks Resort (yep, this is where those mountain-side condos mentioned above are located) in Calabogie, Ontario, located about one hour west of Ottawa. We’ll be at the festival Friday night so if you’re in northeastern Ontario, come meet us for some meat and soul.

Many thanks to Ontario's Highlands Tourism Organization for inviting us to experience their region. Check them out on Twitter and Facebook for lots of great content and contests (including the chance to win a GoPro camera). If you're in the area, use hashtag #OHLetsGo to interact.


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