Monday, 7 July 2014

Real Man Travels and Honda/Acura Team Up for Summer Travel + Honda Indy Preview

A post by Scott F

It’s summer, and the open road is calling our names (it was calling all winter too, but we couldn't hear it under all that snow and ice). The crew at Real Man Travels are chomping at the bit to hit the dusty trail for some adventure and we’re happy to share that we've teamed up with Honda/Acura to power our road trips this year.
One of the Honda vehicles we will NOT be testing this summer.
We’ll be trying out different Honda and Acura vehicles and chatting about them as part of our various trip write-ups. Naturally, we’ll only provide honest feedback. We’re not car reviewers, so we’ll be talking about the role the whips played in our fun, along with any features or characteristics that improve our experience.

Our first big trip will be our annual Men vs. Wild excursion in mid-July. Watch the page in late July when we unveil who took home this year's Man of the Year honours.

Our big chief, Chris, was invited by Honda to attend a preview of the featured off-track activities that will be featured at this year's Honda Indy in Toronto. The Indy, which takes place July 18-20, is now a full fledged festival featuring various automotive, food and even beer events! Featured events will include Stihl Timbersports, FireFit Championships, Honda Pit Stop Challenge and the Honda Junior Red Riders. Learn all about the Honda Indy and the exciting festival activities at:

Hitting the road this summer? Tell us about your plans in the comments section below.


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