Thursday, 31 July 2014

Real Girl Travels: Real Girls Drink Beer - Toronto Festival of Beer

This past weekend Helen, selfie queen and part of the team at Real Girl Travels, took on the Toronto Festival of Beer in a way that only she can - with a selfie tour of epic proportion.

Helen in full blown "selfie" mode
Naturally I heard "beer" and tagged along. If you were following along with our social media accounts (@SamRealMan@hmac158) then you may have seen some of our thoughts about the variety of beers offered at the festival. If not, what are you still doing here? Get over to Real Girl Travels and check it out!

If you're not on the selfie band wagon, perhaps the snapshots of the real nectar of the gods will move you to attend next year's festival. Or perhaps you'd fancy a little something from the Real Man Travels archive? Scott attended last year and shared his experience without a single selfie! 


  1. We think real anybodys should drink beer! Man or women, but that's just us.

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