Monday, 2 June 2014

A Real Man Travels Guide To BBQ Etiquette

With the warm weather here to stay you're probably fielding more than a few invites for backyard BBQs with your friends and colleagues. Here at Real Man Travels, we too enjoy the age old pass time of touching meat to flame. That said, there's an etiquette that must be abided when attending another man's BBQ; a few simple rules to show respect to the grill master of the house. We've compiled the list to assist you in avoiding any flaming faux pas.

1. Never ever ever ever ever, not even if it's a ball of flames, touch another man's grill. Really, who are you to touch another man's grill? I don't care if you're the Man of The Year, don't do it.

Charbroiled to perfection!

2. If you are going to approach the grill master, make it a social visit. He doesn't need your advice on when to flip a burger. So keep your eyes off his meat.

3. Do not debate the merits of propane vs. natural gas. This is not the time or the place. If you have to ask if it IS the time or the place, then it is still not the time or the place.

4. BYOB. Simple enough, but bring something share worthy. A unique beer can be a great icebreaker when meeting new people. Your beer will say a lot about you, so don't get too carried away or you might come off  a bit snobby. Though you do want to stand out from the other six guys holding silver bullets.

Double Trouble Brewing Co. is a favourite in the Real Man beer fridge

5. If your beer needs a refill, see if your grill master needs one too. Real men look out for one another.

6. Be a side dish sidekick. When accepting the invite to a BBQ make sure you ask if there's anything you can bring. While this is good manners, it also reduces the chances of eight bowls of potato salad finding there way into the garbage.

7. Dress appropriately. If you're doing some grilling with your buds you can wear almost anything, but when you're invited as a guest try not look like a hobo (unless the BBQ is hobo-themed). I'm not saying you have to dress like you're partying with The Great Gatsby, but just because the sun's out, doesn't mean you should to bring the guns out either.

8. Use your manners. Something I notice almost everyday regardless of where I am is how little people say a simple "please" or "thank you." Bring your manners when you hit the summer BBQ circuit.

9. Your mom isn't here, so clean up after yourself. It's not a lot of work cleaning up after a BBQ but helping bottles and cans make it into the recycling bin on your way out goes a long way with your host. Note, if your mom is the host, help clean up anyway, you ingrate!

10. Secure transportation BEFORE you start drinking. We all know there is no excuse for drinking and driving. Real men don't drink and drive. Plan ahead: get picked up, take a cab, walk, or crash on the couch.

Think we are out of line? Have a guideline of your own? We'd love to hear about it in the comments below



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