Thursday, 3 April 2014

This Week in Beer - Ale-Induced Anecdotals

A post by Scott F 

Beer is awesome, but you knew that. But did you know that beer could get... awesomer (not a real word)? Some very cool stories of people doing awesome things with beer have crept up in the last couple of weeks that we thought our readers would find interesting. Enjoy!

Beer brewed from prehistoric whale fossils

What? It’s true. These folks found yeast in the bones of some long dead whale and said: “Hey, yeast makes beer, let’s use this prehistoric whale bone yeast to make beer.” To be fair that is exactly what I would be thinking. The Lost Rhino Brewing Company is behind the new Bone Dusters Paleo Ale (get it, paleo, har har). They teamed up with a non-profit called Paleo Quest to pull of this feat of brewing magic. Finally, a practical use for old bones. Check out the story.

On the topic of odd beer ingredients, how about smoked goat brains?

The newest in a long line of TV promo beers (including the Ommegang Brewery Game of Thrones-inspired brews), the AMC’s The Walking Dead now has a beer of its own. If you’re going to make a beer for zombie fanatics you don’t go half way, so these guys threw in some brains, you know, for authenticity sake. Story here.

Beer fasting.

Most people give up trifles for lent like watch Ellen or their daily Oreo indulgence. Chris Schryer, like few others before him, is giving up food. Yes, food. He’s subsiding of only beer during his observance. Follow his exploration on his blog (great reads).

Baseball and beer. Enough said. took it upon themselves to match every Major League Baseball team with a beer that they felt fit best. I’ll say nothing about them matching up the Toronto Blue Jays with Labatt’s Blue, other than it’s a lazy travesty. Still a good read. 

Beer your meat, if you know what’s good for you.

Scientists have found that marinating your meat in beer can prevent the formation of crazy compounds from the grill that can cause cancer. That’s right, beer beats cancer. 

Rob Ford announces the Ford Nation Brewing Company.

Seriously! Okay, not seriously. A well-played April Fools’ Day article by Mom ‘n’ Hops declared that Toronto’s embattled mayor was setting out to create the best beer the city’s ever had. They noted that a gravy-flavoured beer was also on the way. Nicely done, Mom 'n' Hops.


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