Monday, 24 March 2014

Survival Tips for Men : How to Ask a Question to a Woman

Survival Tips For Men #1

“Women speak two languages-one of which is verbal"-William Shakespeare
We have all been there before, myself included. We have been in the danger zone (probably more than once) and in most cases we do not realize it. But it is our job as men to notice this "Second Language" that Bill has mentioned above and choose our strategy based on our assumptions. Choose wisely grasshopper.

If you are a woman and did not find this helpful at all, I am sorry.  
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Friday, 21 March 2014

Favourites: The Pinery Provincial Park

A post by Scott F

Summer is almost upon us (just trust me on this); what a perfect time to use up the last drops of those summer memories that have been sustaining us for a long, cold winter before the opportunity presents to refill our reserves. Today's musing are on the Pinery Provincial Park near Grand Bend, Ontario.

The park is of striking contrast to most of what you expect when camping in Ontario. The prescribed thick, maple and pine forests are replaced by one of the world’s rarest ecosystems, an oak savannah. The flat, often soggy and algae covered beaches that stretch only about 50 feet from the shore, often associated with Georgian Bay and Lake Simcoe, are replaced with beautiful windblown sand dunes that can tower in excess of 100 feet and stretch up to a kilometer inland. The prairie grasses reaching a meter high that stand in Lake Huron’s strong winds seem backward when compared to the sharp rock outcroppings that dominate the waterways in central and northern Ontario. As rugged and beautiful as much of Ontario is, the Pinery stands as a unique and surprising experience.

The oak savannah ecosystem which covers much of the Pinery’s 6,330 acres is truly astonishing. White and black oak trees dominate much of the park’s sandy soil. This nutrient deficient soil deprives the park of thick underbrush, making the forests sparse and allowing the terrain to be clearly visible. Sadly, the planting of pine trees in the 1960’s along with the suppression of forest fires means that some of the savanna is now overrun by pines. Controlled burns and careful monitoring are now being used to protect the natural balance. The Pinery protects 50 per cent of the remaining oak savanna on the planet!

Hiking the many long and varied trails in the Pinery provides you with an amazing cross section of various environments. The Nippissing trail is nothing short of breathtaking as you carefully climb up steep dunes and well constructed boardwalks eventually leading to a look out with a perfect vista of the entire park. All the trails offer something different. They are usually quite simple and well designed but several offer a better challenge.

The beach area of the Pinery is stunning. 10 km of near perfect sand accepts the often turbulent waves of Lake Huron. There are few better ways to spend a day than splashing around or boogie boarding in the decent sized waves that crash against the beach.

The best campsites in the Pinery are those closest to the water in the Dunes campground. These sunny, sandy sites are certainly not the most private, but being only a dunes-climb (fun in and of itself) away from the surf is amazing. When the waves are strong enough you can hear them turn from your site, perfect white noise for an evening by the fire. Avoid the Riverside campground, as it has even less privacy and none of the charm of Dunes.

The Old Ausable Channel also runs through the campground allowing for calm, picturesque canoe trips. They rent canoes, single and double kayaks, and hydro bikes. The river can be a bit crowded at times so it can be better to bring your own canoe and set off up river.

The store is fully stocked with everything you could possibly have forgotten. There is also a restaurant serving fantastic ice cream.

The Pinery is certainly not for the adventurous back country camper. There is little in the way of “escaping civilization.” But as a destination for visiting with friends and family I can think of few other parks with such a variety of activities; let alone the ability to explore such a unique and beautiful ecosystem. The park is open year-around and offers unique “Yurt” camping in the winter months.

Be sure to visit Grand Bend on your way to the Pinery. A slightly touristy but incredibly fun beach town, Grand Bend has numerous festivals, events and flea markets. It reminds of a cleaner, less busy version of Wasaga Beach (or perhaps Wasaga 10 years ago!).

The Pinery is a perfect place to spend a weekend with friends. The park has a wonderful atmosphere and offers something different than what you would expect from an Ontario campground.

Where are your favourite Ontario outdoor destinations?

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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Five Exceptional Beers You Can Get (Almost) Anywhere

A post by Scott F.

Regardless of where you live, finding retailers that carry some of the world’s finer beers can be a struggle. There’s nothing worse than hearing a friend wax poetic about a favourite brew they romantically discovered while finding themselves in Europe - or to read a salivating review written by some vivaciously verbose beer blogger - only to find that your local purveyor of potent potables does not carry it.

This can be particularly difficult in jurisdictions with stricter liquor control laws. Sure, you can track down those fancy brew pubs with stellar revolving beer lists. But for those who like pulling out a great bottle at a party, enjoying a quality drink in the backyard or at the cottage, or drinking alone in their underwear, the need to make such a trip (or perhaps to go outside at all), can be displeasing.    

For that reason we’ve pulled five of our favourite beers that are available more widely than many of the other top-rated selections. These bottles are sure to impress friends and pallets everywhere.

Criteria: Available at more than 75 LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) locations:

1. St Bernardus ABT 12 – Belgium – Abbey Ale, Quadrupel – 10% ABV

Highlighted by its balance, sweet, bitter and hoppy. Fruity nose with cherries and caramel on the tongue. Long considered one of the best beers in the world.

2. Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier – Germany – Hegewizen Ale – 5.6% ABV

Hard to say, great to drink. Smells and tastes of banana and nuts. If that description turns you off, fear not, both sensations are short lived and replaced by a balanced malty flavour.

3. Chimay Grande R̩serve (Blue) РBelgium РBelgian Strong Ale Р9% ABV

A traditional strong ale. Fruit and spice all through the nose with flavours of plum and raisin. Smell a hint of clove.

4. Schneider Hopfen Weisse – Germany – Weizenbock – 8.2% ABV

A hoppy wheat beer. Flowers and hops on the nose. Classic citrus flavour with a touch of earthy, grassy taste. Very approachable.

5. Innis & Gunn Original – Scotland – Scottish Ale – 6.6% ABV

A bold selection better suited for after dinner. Rich caramel, vanilla nose with alcohol prominent. Taste is sweet, liqueur-like, with plenty of tasty vanilla and toffee. An absolute treat.

What are some of your favourite, widely available beers? Post in the comments or tweet them to @SFRealManTravel.