Wednesday, 12 February 2014

What Do Men Want for Valentines Day?

What Do Men Want for Valentines Day?

Sexual favours, right? Nope. Sexual favours are great things to receive don't get me wrong, but we put a little more insight into these ideas than that. The Answers we have, may surprise you. Or if you have already figured out the mystery that is man, then it wont surprise you at all. We have answers from 4 Real Men what they would want for Valentines day.

Sam's Pick's 
  1.  Fancy Bacon and Exotic Meats are a great idea,I mean who doesn't like bacon?? Check out the Carnivore Club
  2.  Give your man the gift of a professional rubdown and make him an appointment with a  Registered Massage Therapist, or if you have no money try it yourself.
  3.  Shave him. Or maybe just give him the gift of sharp razors. Check out Dollar Shave Club their blades are f***ing great.

Scott's Pick's 
  1. Make memories by doing something out of the ordinary with each other, like take a tour of a Historical site or a Hot Air Balloon ride.
  2. Liquor, something classy that he normally would not buy for himself. Grab something for yourself as well. Make it fun.
  3. Make a commitment to go on a trip. Something you have been discussing but have not been able to pull off yet. Don't pay for it, just make the commitment. 

Ed's Pick's 
  1. Sex as a gift. Sex is not something that should be gifted to a guy. If you want to wear a skimpy set of new lingerie and excite your dude then by all means get freaky, but if that isn't you, don't bother, it will come off as the least sexiest thing you do.
  2. Baked goods or food. Nothing is sexier than a woman who can bake or cook you something you love! Ask your guy what his favourite treat or meal is and own it! (Warning- you will be competing with his Mom's recipe)
  3. Realistic Expectations. Valentines Day is a corporate holiday, do not pretend otherwise. Give your Man realistic expectations of what you would like to receive and that will ultimately make him happy.

Chris's Pick's 
  1. A new scent. Pick something that you cant get enough of. After all you are the one that has to smell him all the time.
  2. Baked Goods. I agree with Ed that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. Oat Delights or Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake.
  3. Effort. An effort towards anything nice is often noticed. Put on a movie you hate but he loves and watch it with him. Pour a nice glass of his favorite drink and deliver it to him topless. These are gold ladies, write them down.

Do you have any ideas that work for you? Let us know!


  1. This gave me such great ideas for Man's Valentine's Day (aka Steak and Blowjob Day, March 14th)… I get the girly stuff in February, but in turn he gets the manly stuff in March!

  2. Awesome! Glad we could help! ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for the comment Katie. This was fun to make. :)