Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Canadian Space and Aviation Museum

The Canadian Space and Aviation Museum

“When I was eight years old to be a spaceman was the most exciting thing I could imagine.” - Roberta Bondar

I have a dream! And it is a very important one. I want my daughters to be the best they can be in life. I am sure you have similar hopes and dreams for your child/children.

My plan this past summer was to try and inspire my children to be leaders by taking them to a city that is full of leaders,our nations capital Ottawa.

You maybe wondering why I chose The Canadian Space and Aviation Museum as a place of inspiration for my daughters. Well the museum is host to many exhibits, but my favorite part was dedicated to Great Canadian Astronauts like Roberta Bondar, The first Canadian Woman in space, and Col. Chris Hadfield who just this past year was the Commander of the International Space Station. You can pretend to be an astronaut by playing a giant version of Chris Hadfield's guitar or by sitting on a space toilet.

With amazing planes of all shapes and sizes, and craft workshops to keep the kids happy. Strolling through the museum is a fun way to to teach your kids about the history of aviation and space travel. 

Another bonus that I was not expecting, was the nice playground they had just beside the parking lot, its a great way to burn off any left over energy.

Check out Ottawa Tourism's Website for more info.

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  1. The museum also has photographs and stories to accompany each plane. Several photos show planes taking off from the Red River just south of downtown Winnipeg. The river was used as a base for float planes operated by Western Canada Airways, owned by the same James A. Richardson whose name adorns the city’s airport.