Thursday, 12 September 2013

It's a Manniversary!! Real Man Travels turns 1!

Happy Birthday!

Its hard to believe that Real Man Travels has turned 1 this week, seems just like just a little while ago it was just an idea that had come up around a campfire with beer and friends. (Beer as you know, makes your ideas that much better. I am a firm believer in that!)

Thank You!

If you have been following the blog from its origin you know that it has come along way from just me blogging.  Real Man Travels now has 4 great contributors, switching my role to Editor In Chief (which is really fun to say) and bringing a whole new life and appeal to the blog and I have you guys to thank for that. Thanks for every little pat on the back when I see you at the store or thanks for connecting over social media and reaching out to let us know that you have enjoyed what we have posted.  It means a lot and it helps tremendously to help get the creative fires burning.

Where In The World Are We Going!?!

Ending off I would like to tell you where we are travelling in the next little bit.

  • Helen is our newest contributor and hopefully will show her smiling face a few more times yet. Thanks for being our first woman contributor Helen.
  • Ed will be heading on a 173 km bike ride from Toronto to Welland, I wish him luck on his journey.
  • Scott will be posting about his recent trips and will always be thinking of beer (this is why I love him) but he is in for a heck of a wonderful journey in his life as he sets out to be the second dad of the group. Cheers to your family Scott.
  • Sam has been a tremendous help behind the scenes and is headed to Algoma Country with our Dad and I to go Fly Fishing  I hope I catch more fish than you brother.
  • Real Man Travels as a group is headed to Minneapolis at the end of October to the Sunday Night game Vikings vs Packers. It will be our own unique version of a press trip, so stay tuned for fun stuff from Minneapolis.
  • Last but not least I will be heading to Dublin,Ireland at the end of this month to participate in another Press Trip and TBEX convention and best of all drinking beers in pubs (lots of beers) I am thrilled that the opening night party is at The Guinness Store House. I almost feel I will need to come home for a rest on this one.
So please enjoy the next year of Real Man Travels,



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