Thursday, 29 August 2013

What is Mosaika?

Mosaika is a light and Sound Show that tells you the story of Canada. It is truly a treat for your eyes and ears.

If you are wanting to see Mosaika live and in person time is running short the last show is on September 7, 2013. If you are going don't forget to grab some drinks, snacks and a chair and head for Parliament Hill. If you show up early you will get a great seat plus you will be treated to some great Canadian Music as you wait.

For those of you that are unable to make it to Ottawa this weekend here is a small taste of what it was like.

For more fun things to do around Ottawa check out Ottawa Tourism's Website


  1. Looks like a cool event! I have always liked the light shows that I have seen. There is a cool fountain light show in Barcelona that is in line with various songs. Thanks for sharing Samuel!

  2. It was a very cool event indeed Andy. There was a part in the show where they made the windows of the buildings dance to the sound of piano keys. It blew my mind.