Friday, 16 August 2013

Bruce Peninsula National Park

Imagine seeing the sky just like your grandparents did or Imagine swimming in a grotto like you are the Little Mermaid...

Bruce Peninsula National Park is one of the few places that offer this kind of fun. Star lovers will love the Dark Sky Preserve, you will be fully able to appreciate the sky and stars with no interruption of city lights. Mix in some of the clearest waters and  most beautiful landscapes you have ever seen. 

Oh.. Bruce Peninsula National Park also has Yurts which are a Dad's best friend when it comes to camping. Placed right beside Cyprus Lake . It includes a comfy place to sleep, a cart to unload your things, indoor furniture, outdoor furniture and my personal favorites a BBQ and a Key to the only showers in the park! 

Of course there is more! like a Outside and Inside Stoves and great protection from the weather. In the winter you even get a snow shovel! So if you are new to camping or just want to relax more and pack less  this is a great way to do it. Do yourself a favor and indulge in the spoils of the Yurts

We also ventured in to Tobermory and visited the Parks Canada Visitor Centre where they had quite a few things to do like climb a lookout tower and lots of activities inside for the kids and information for the Adults. 

**HINT: Ask about the Junior Explorer Program for cool souvenirs for the kids!**

 While we were in Tobermory we hopped on a Glass Bottom Boat Tour out to Flowerpot Island which is part of Fathom Five National Marine Park of Canada

Please Enjoy the pictures below. The scenery was breathtaking and I cant wait to go back! 

With a Yurt you will never ever hear this from your kids

 "Oh great! Dad has to set up the tent. This is going to take forever!!"

 Beautiful Inside and out. You can leave almost everything at home

I forgot the Bowls! Real Dad Stuff!!

Indian Head Cove

A Cave that we swam to and explored was really cool. The top was the perfect setting for a great picture.

Above: Climbing the lookout tower. Below: On Board the boat tour.


  1. Hi. I'd like to book a yurt this summer... Any of them better than others location wise? Thanks!

    1. Hi Andrea! All of the yurts are located closely to each other. And they are all located next to the lake. If I had to pick the best one it would be the one closest to the bathroom. :)

      Thanks for the comment.


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