Monday, 3 June 2013

Marten River


If you have been thinking about getting away camping with your family, you really should. Especially with all the great parks and private campgrounds here in Ontario to choose from. Camping makes you stronger as a family, opens up a new world for your kids and it creates lasting memories. Obviously I’m telling you from experience. The picture above is one of my most favorite pictures in the world. The 4 days my daughters and I spent at Marten River was like heaven on earth. The site we had was right on the water next to the beach, we spent so much quality time hiking and fishing along just hanging out with no pressures of the world to interfere.

 Here are some facts about Marten River

·         Marten River is situated about 40 minutes north of North Bay, Ontario. Right off of HWY 11.
·         Authentic Logging Village on site
·         Great Fishing
·         Trappers Outpost located just outside of park, has all your camping needs and more


 On a beautifully sunny August day, we went on a 4 kilometer hike which involved a couple rolled ankles and temper tantrums, but overall the kids were great. It took us roughly 4 hours to complete the trail, not counting the time taken for a picnic at the riverfront.  There were however a couple of times that I didn't think we would make it to the end. But thankfully I had my secret weapon, a package of delicious red licorice; it gave the kids the motivation and energy to keep going.

First off, I put the boat in the water. With no plug. The result was an hour worth of work bailing the boat out.(Lesson learned) My luck had took a turn for the better and we caught and landed 2 Walleye and a Bass. We had a wonderful shore supper that night.

TIP: when you take your kids fishing, you don't fish, you do everything else you are the Captain of the boat, baiter of the hook, line untangler and fish handler. So make sure you bring a lot of patience

Our campsite was truly beautiful. Here are some other fun things that we did on our camping trip.

·         Bathed in the river like pioneers, the water was a bit chilly.
·         Sat down at everyday for an Ice Cream at Trappers Outpost
·         Many hours Spent at the beaches and playground

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