Monday, 29 April 2013

Marten River Drinking Game


Mike and Dustin Checking out the Big Fish
     A couple of years ago my friends and I had the most amazing campsite on the Shores of Marten River Provincial Park. The site was perfect with beautiful river views and a view of Highway 11. On our last night of camp we invented this drinking game. It turned out to be the most relaxing drinking game ever. All we had to do was sit around a wonderful campfire with ice cold drinks and watch the highway traffic go by as we reminisced about the past.

Amazing Campsite!  What a day!

WARNING! Drinking too much is silly. It is all fun and games, until your feeding the chipmunk’s at 3 am.

With that being said here are the rules for The Marten River Drinking Game :

Rule 1) if you see a car go by, it's one gulp of beer. 

Rule 2) if you see a transport truck pass by, then take 2 gulps of beer.

Rule 3) if a Motorcycle went by it was 5 gulps of beer. (This happened twice)

View of Highway 11 from campsite
     After an hour had passed I had drank 10 beers. Which happened to be way over my hourly limit of 3. I knew it was time for bed when I attempted to stand. I was a bit shaky and I had to sit back down.  I tried one more time this time making a few steps before I missed a step landed face down in the dirt.

   "Are you alright Willy?" My friends asked me while chuckling. "Yeah I'm good. Nothing damaged but my pride" I said as I picked myself up off the ground and started to stagger towards my travel trailer. Almost made it, when BAM! .. "Son of a @#@#@!!!" I walked right into the open window stabbing me in my right shoulder. My friend’s chuckles grew into hysterical laughter, so much that even I started to laugh. This drinking game was AWESOME.

     Maybe try it out sometime?


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