Monday, 11 March 2013

The 3rd Craziest Thing I Have Ever Done

                                 #3 - Jump off an Olympic Diving Platform

    Do you think your last grade school trip was quite possibly the best thing that ever happened during your years in grade school? 

     My Grad trip to Ottawa was one of the best things I could ever have done as a kid. I believe that every kid that lives in Ontario should be able to experience a trip similar to mine. Why? Well I hold a lot of very special memories from that trip. Exciting memories of being away from home for one of the first times in a very different place. Memories of good times had with school mates and one particular memory just so happens to make the list.

     On our trip to Ottawa we stayed in a University Dorm just off campus. The one of the 2 nights we stayed we were able to go swimming at the university's Olympic Size pool with 4 diving platforms. The diving platforms were a big hit. The odd time we would watch someone gracefully dive off of the top platform which in my eyes was HUGE, after watching one of us would do a cannonball or something else cool off of the lowest platform. I would watch and think "that is so cool I want to jump off of there" In reality I think the top platform was 40 ft high.

  I went up a level and jumped off the second platform a dozen times. I became more comfortable and more daring, which can be a dangerous combination at times. With those feeling I went up to the next level for more. 

     After much hesitation and feeling like I was going to miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime. I finally worked up the guts to walk up to the top platform,  I started to feel woozy standing there looking down at everyone telling me to jump so I brought my attention up took a deep couple breaths and jumped off as far as I could, the air rushed past me only for a few seconds until..... (BIG) Splash! I hit the water hard!

Tip - If one does not dive off of a diving platform, make sure that one puts legs together and points toes down! Without doing so could result in THE WORST WEDGY OF YOUR LIFE!!

   Yep I landed with my legs open, and received the biggest and worst wedgy I have ever had and it made the next couple of days. Let’s just say a "tad bit uncomfortable." 

   Would I do this again? Why yes I would! Even with my legs open wide. What a rush it was! What an unreal feeling. Even though it would still be scary, I would definitely do this again!


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