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Minnesota Vikings Won My Heart 2010

                                      Minnesota vs. Dallas January 2009. Dreams DO Come true...            

    Being a football fan is one of the best and one of the worst things you can do, 2009 was one of those  sweet sweet seasons that left a sour taste in my mouth.

    January 2007 30 below(celcius) Brett Favre carried the Packers to the NFC Championship against The New York Giants. Favre ended that game with a ill advised throw. Interceptions the Achilles Heal of Brett Favre.  As a fan it was devastating. Nothing would prepare any of us for the circus that would follow in the coming years...

    I myself never stopped believing in Favre. I went with the circus, even though it landed me Heartbroken when he retired (real tears), relieved when he came back, shocked when he was traded (then i got my period), then to being a fan of the Jets in a 9-7 season which at points was quite exciting.... The very reason I was a fan of his, was because he was exciting to watch good or bad. He always went for it. Sometimes Amazing, Sometime Not so much. I always braced for the worse to take the edge off the devastation.

   When he retired the second time I figured I never would see him on the field again. I was wrong and I was Happy Happy Happy. Revenge was what I had in mind and what an awesome match up between Minnesota and Green Bay, the drama was rich and as a fan I loved it. The anticipation was killing me especially after I bought Tickets for the September match up vs the Lions.

     The Vikings won that day in Detroit both the game and my heart.

 In 2009 Viking went 13-3!there was quite a few notable games that year one being the home game against San Fracisco, when in the dying seconds of the game Favre laid out a desperation pass right before getting his clock cleaned... Miraculously Greg Lewis Caught this ball and kept his feet in bounds. That play was my play of the year. It was Amazing. (THE CATCH!!!!)

  Also That Year Christmas Came Early, TWICE! 2 blowout Victories against the Packers showed me the old man was in it to win it all. The first victory blew my mind literally and the second victory was like a superbowl win. A notable loss came just before my birthday in December 2008 I knew the Vikings were in the playoffs I started dropping hints saying dont buy me anything for Christmas and my Birthday which are 5 days apart and please get me to Minnesota to see possibly Favre's Last hurrah. It was worth a shot

    My Lovely Wife and Amazing Parents came through with 2 Tickets and a Flight. What great people.

    My Brother and I were on our way! Handle bar Mustache (charity) and all to Minneapolis from Toronto on a Northern Bound Air Canada Flight. Where we would stay 2 nights at the Holiday Inn Metro Dome. Turned out they were facing the Dallas Cowboys, a worthy opponent.  We were so excited to be going there, there was about 10 football fans on the plane going for the game. This added to the excitement. Sam wasnt feeling the greatest but he soldiered on.

     When we arrived in Minneapolis hopped on the tram which is like a slow moving subway that connects the airport to the mall of america to the downtown and you can ride it for 3.00 one way(bargain). we talked football with a lot of the locals, we hopped off the tram at the stop, right in front of the metro dome. Called the hotel for a shuttle pick up waited and took in the city in the -15 air.

    The Hotel was nice about a 10 min walk from the stadium. We didnt rest when we got to the room we started gettin ready to go to the Biggest Mall in Murica. The Mall of America is Huge with many of the stores having doubles. It also had the Nickelodeon land as well as being 3 stories tall. Our Highlight was meeting some of the viking cheerleaders at the Vikings store.(meow) We walked until we were tired then took the tram back downtown. Grabbed some beers and settled in for some Saturday Playoff Games. Then we ordered the BEST Spicy Chicken BBQ pizza I have ever tasted from CiCi's called "The Wrangler" Chicken red onion and hot peppers with an amazing bbq sauce that makes it taste like candy.... (my mouth is watering).It was so good we had it saturday & sunday after the game. It was on the money both times. Amazing Pizza.

       It was all very strange to be doing something you never thought you would do. But we were doing it and we never took it for granted, we knew it could all be over on Sunday, all that money and time would be wasted and we would have to be happy no matter the outcome. I have never liked losing.

When we woke up in the morning we took it easy, grabbed some breakfast the hotel was filled with fans. started watching all the local pre game stuff taking it in, I had some beers Sam still not feeling well, sipped at one. We were both nervous, our first playoff game. How would it end?

     We walked outside the hotel to a beautiful winters day. Hopped onto the shuttle bus where there was 49 Minnesota Fans and 1 Dallas Cowboy fan and we all booed that poor man. Still makes me chuckle. When we got closer to the stadium I could see Tailgating for a mile. "Impressive" I thought to myself. We hopped off the bus, seen some XTREME Viking fans with some pretty wild Viking Goblets they drink out of. The air was filled with electricity. I grabbed a Program a
, a Tshirt for the wife, a toque for me and 3 favre bears for the kids. Then to the beer lineup...
     Grabbed 2 Beers and stood in a large line to get in. It seemed like forever standing in the cold but we had our beer and there was some pretty amusing trash talk goin on between the Fans. Finally they opened the gates. Slowly we made our way in as we got closer to the door, we felt like we were getting sucked in, you have to have been there before to understand.  The metrodome is pretty outdated the hallways very small, same with the bathrooms. We found are seats and then i had to find a bathroom I really had to go (merican beer = water). On my way to the bathroom and  i was pushed out of the way by Jerry Jones' entourage which was pretty cool to see him, but it wasnt worth peeing myself.

After I came back and settled in my seat we had made friends all around us, I love this about football fans. In most cases we have an instant bond , even with the opposition with respectful (hopefully) smack talk. We were also with in earshot of Jerry Jones (too bad for him)  That day I lost my voice, watched Favre play one of his best playoff games ever, throwing four touchdowns three to an amazing Sidney Rice and one touchdown by rice for 47 yards (GOOSEBUMPS)... That play I will never forget. The Defense also played Magnificent sacking Romo 6 times and holding the Cowboys to 3 points.  34-3 the final score for the good guys.

     I remember looking around and seeing the shocked Cowboys fans, it could've been our turn to suffer, Shocked sitting in our seats while everyone was leaving, Sam and I watched as Jared Allen and Ray Allen Celebrated as they left the field and Favre looking like he was 26 hopping around The remaining fans were going nuts  I feel like we really took that moment in. I will never forget it. That moment was for Favre . This is why he came back.
       That moment I thought we had a real chance at the super bowl and i was right we had a "chance". Then Poof it was gone. That Cinderella Season was over. But I will relive most of it with my brother every chance we get.

     That night sitting in the hotel in disbelief of what happened. We ate our delicious Cici's pizza, mine The Wrangler and Sam's pepperoni. We laughed at our previous thoughts of dooming the vikes by being there. We were in football heaven. We watched the night game and retired for the night.

    Looking Back Best Live Game of my life, Metrodome may be old but the homefield advantage is the noise! it is very loud there and I love it. I remember calling friends and family after touchdowns. Just so they. Could be there with us in spirit. That's pretty much why I share my stories. To take you to where I was.

Enjoy the game tonight Cheers


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