Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Our First WIN!

A Victory for the Good Guys

     Yep that's me having the time of my life with my Brother and Best Friend and Dad (not in the picture thanks to the size of my head) watching The Vikings defeat the Lions. It was a great day.... Why was this such a great day? Because we had finally gone to a football game where our team won...1 out of 3 tasted pretty good that day and so did our cheap border beers.

  It all began at an ungodly hour of 4 am my dad picked us up in his pickup truck and we were off. I was asleep in no time (since I  had no sleep from the night before cause I was so excited!) Once we hit the duty free around 9 am we gathered up our supplies for the tailgate party. Onto the border, which went rather well other than a little football smack talk from the border guard and an awkward moment when the truck's back window wouldn't go back up. Once we made it to Detroit we started hunting for our tailgating parking lot. Once we found it we started to enjoy the beautiful day, with cold refreshments which led to the porta-potty on the other side of the parking lot and endured a bunch of smack talk from the lion’s fans because they were "Preseason Champs”. When we finally got to the porta-potty it was gross, looked like someone was living in there.

     For Lunch we ordered  pizza from Pizza Papalis It was HUGE and Delicious. Different from any other pizza I had. (Oh ya if pizza was a church id be its Rev.)

 After a 10 minute walk we were at Ford Field which is a really nice place, especially in row 25 30 yard line Vikings Side. We were ready for an awesome time, which we had rubbing it in to the Lions fans to where it was borderline cruelty. ALL DAY! Is what we said at the top of our lungs after every play. Those poor Lions fans! (What goes around comes around in football karma... which at that point we didn't care .) It was a great game.  

                         Watching our team win was a dream come true. Victory was so sweet!

                            We heckled the heck out of those Lion fans as we were leaving.

      After the game we headed back home. A quick search from the ever so friendly border patrol continued by the 4 hour trip home complete with a stop at Taco Bell and porta-potty.  We arrived back at home close to 10 o’clock at night, tired but in Football Bliss.

      I decided to share this Story first out of all my Sporting events that I've been to because of the happy ending, which isn't always the case. Sharing memories with these great guys is the reason why I travel. It makes Life Memorable and Interesting.


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