Monday, 10 September 2012

Travel Addiction - Are you like me?

     Do you remember going on a big road trip with your parents when you were a kid. A vacation that you could never duplicate, one that you could smell and taste the ocean air, those memories are so vivid I can put myself back in time and feel like I was there again.
     For me it was a road trip to Myrtle Beach South Carolina my parents my brother and I in a 1987 Monte Carlo SS.  Every time I hear Kokomo by the Beach Boys I can put myself back in that car for a few seconds and it feels great. I can also put myself back into my running shoes, running down the pier screaming at the top of my lungs SHARK!.  After just seeing a herd of dolphins majestically jumping out of the water, like a postcard.  (its safe to say that the movie JAWS messed me up as a kid)
     That Vacation was awesome.  I’m pretty sure that’s when my vacation “obsession” started. Now that I’m a parent I want to make those same types of memories for my kids the ones that stand out for the rest of their lives.
     Since That Myrtle Beach vacation as a kid, I have traveled to many places and sporting events pretty much going broke living my dream. But I’ve found Vacations and Mancations even Girl Getaways are a necessity of life.   So please join me as I recall my greatest travel memories and discuss my future travel dreams and destinations and share them with you.  Don’t Be afraid to ask travel questions, through my “obsession” I have become an Amateur travel agent….

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