Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Top 10 Tips To Get Away.

                         Top 10 Tips To Get Away                  

    One of the best things that a person can do is spend time with good friends. Make memories that make you smile. So don't just sit there! Plan a weekend getaway with friends, hit the clubs, see a concert, See your favourite sports team play, Camp or even Glamp. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure you stay somewhere for at least 1 night. Here are some guidelines I have made up, after numerous successful attempts at the "weekend getaway. "

       A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking - Earl Wilson
  1. Invite your friends - Pick  four dates and start asking friends that you feel comfortable asking, the more people the cheaper it is. Be up front with them and tell them how much it will cost, how much you should save for outings or food while away. Can't find friends that will spend money on a getaway? Get new friends!(not joking)
  2. Get everyone's input - Even make a night of it, you will have fun discussing the possibilities. This will really get the ball rolling
  3. Save Money- The reality of a weekend getaway is that you will spend money. So be smart, start saving it.
  4. Pick the right place- travelling in groups usually is cheaper, so step it up a notch and stay in a nice place. Thank me for that tip later...  Don't be afraid to use www.tripadvisor.com for reviews but go with your gut instinct when you choose.
  5. Pack right and Pack Light- pack just enough to get you through your trip. 2 reasons: Smaller bag and less laundry to do when you get home.... If you are planning a camping trip, Try and bring the essentials and for the food list, write down what you think you need and cut it down 40%. If your doing a shopping weekend bring a big bag and pack half as much stuff, so you can bring your new stuff home.
  6. Do Something Cool - See a concert or a sporting event, go to the spa or shopping. Make it Great. (or make your own man Olympic's, See Picture up top)
  7. Effort-  Do your homework and put some effort into planning the trip. You will feel the excitement, the more it unfolds. Your enthusiasm is contagious and people will notice your effort. Go all in. Your trip will be one of legend! and talked about for years.
  8. Food- Planning ahead on what you might need for snacks or quick meals will save you money. Most resorts have kitchenettes these days, so look for a place with that type of suite. Don't forget to eat out at least twice, after all you are on vacation. 
  9. Let your hair down- Have fun! that's what you guys or girls are there for, who cares if your head hurts a little bit in the morning and you spend all your money. 
  10. Make it an annual event- If you end up having a great time (which you should, with these stellar tips.), start planning for next year. Building lasting friendships and memories.
   These tips have worked for me. Just ask my friends they'll tell you that I put a lot of effort into my outings. Its borderline obsessive... 

Have Fun Planning.


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